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IMS(Inview Management Station)1.5 video surveillance management system is integrated video surveillance and alarm services and mainly for simple structure project system .It includes device management and configuration, real-time monitoring and control, video research and playback, alarm management, provide one-stop solution for front-to-store. Easy installation,easy operation to fulfill the centralized management of security surveillance.

The IMS1.5 can support IP camera,NVR and DVR accessing,the system uses All-IN-One architecture, easily installation, powerful access capabilities, support 1.3MP to 8MP high-definition camerafor various of enterprise security monitoring system. It could be widely used in factories, supermarkets, villas, car parks, intelligent buildingsand other industries.

– 64-channel live video monitoring,multi-image tour,multi-screen display
– Support 16-channel synchronous playback
– Support local configuration, remote real-time management
– Support Gateway Server management
– Gateway Server supports P2P services and transcoding
– Support PTZ control, preset, scan, tour, track
– Support local recording, backup
– Support intelligent alarm event management
– Support 21 languages

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